Thursday, October 05, 2006

Journal class with Teesha Moore

Only two more days and I will be taking a journaling class from Teesha Moore at the Paper Studio in Tempe. I think it will be a good time, a break from the regular Saturday morning routine of doing laundry cleaning house and running errands. This is a good way to start my fall break. I have a whole week off to practice what I learned in her class. (Well kind of I will have Cayden with me the whole week,) so I will do as much as he will let me. Then next weekend I will be goin to Laughlin for Caitlins softball tournament. This is more excitement for me in one week, then I have had in a whole year. Watch out I may not know how to react. Not only is there gambling which I don't do, but there are outlet malls, oh yeah. I made this altered purse to carry my supplies to class on Saturday.