Sunday, December 26, 2010

1st Christmas

Emotionally dad and I are not very good for each other, the second I walked into your house yesterday morning dad started crying and then so did I. He misses you so much and so do I. He did real good for the rest of the day. We all came here for dinner because dad asked if we could, as he decided it would be too much work for him, so they all came. It was good. I hope next year something different happens, because I know Todd won't be coming next year, as he has a family and he needs to start his own traditions. Maybe dad could go there, who knows, maybe a cruise. I really worry about him, there has been a lot of support for him from your friends.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Well I made it through my first birthday without you. It was hard buy honestly I tried not to think about you so I wouldn't cry. We went to the new sports bar they opened at Desert Ridge. I don't think you would have liked it, it was rather loud and there were lots of t.v.'s with sports on. Not sure I like it either. You know I get sad because I cannot feel you and I thought as close as we were I would be able to. Maybe that will come later, here is a picture I took of the chairs you guys sat in at your party to send to Luon so she can make me another one, and look at the orb that is there by your chair, is that you watching us. Could you please take care of Canyon, he is having such a hard time staying out of trouble and being on the wrestling team. Could you help me understand him so I can work with him, He is hard mom.

And ignore the mess, that is where Canyon drops all his wresting gerar as he comes into the house.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Shopping with Dad

You needed a new love seat, so I went with dad to help him find one today. He really had no idea how expensive things had become, were were thinking of having a gray leather one made because it would have matched your purple couch, until the price came out and dad said there was no way he was paying that much for a couch. We found a nice leather beige colored one that will look nice in there and be comfortable for dad. Your headstone looks real nice.

I miss you,


Saturday, December 04, 2010


Last night was Canyons Christmas concert. We saved a seat for you right next to dad. I know you were there in spirit. Who knew a year earlier you would not be around for the next one. Canyon did well. ,I love you, talk with you later,