Monday, July 28, 2008


For a person who does not like to travel (me) I certainly have been doing a lot of it this summer. We left for San Diego Friday, and came back today. I barely had the time to get my bags unpacked and washed and repacked as well as everyone else. We spent one day at Lego land, quite a place not really for adults but my two Lego fiend boys had a great time, the little one only wanted to ride while Canyon only wanted to build Lego's. Which was fine, as they had plenty of stops to do that. Caitlin on the other hand was a real champ as she went on a lot of the rides with the little guy. As the day there was not real exciting for her, however she did manage to get shopping in as we went to the outlet malls. We spent one day on the beach, and we all got sunburned. You would think living in Phoenix we would be more careful, but when it is overcast and you don't feel the intense heat you don;t think of getting sunburned. Pictures to come plus pictures of the projects I did in Lisa classes, very happy with the way they turned out.

Monday, July 14, 2008


I am leaving on Thursday to go to Salem and stay with my parents for four days. I will be taking two classes from Lisa Kaus . This is going to be so much fun, I am excited. I am going to have a hard time leaving the Cayden, as he is pretty attached to me right now, as we have been home together for the past 6 weeks, while school has been out. Canyon's birthday falls on the Sunday that I return, his big 13. So we will celebrate it on that Monday. I believe he is going indoor rock climbing with his dad and a friend. For those of you who have never done that, that is such a fun thing to do. It is great exercise, and you feel good when you are done. I finished my picture that I painted with DJ Pettit when she was here at the Paper Studio. Will post later, I am looking forward to taking another class with her at Artunraveled, in August.