Wednesday, March 31, 2010


We met with the advocate for Canyon to help us navigate the high school system to get him on the right track so he can be successful in school. What a knowledgeable person she is. She read his evaluation and had a lot of suggestions for us, and is going to recommend some more testing for him, at the schools expense. Oh boy wait until we show up at the school with her. We cannot move forward until we get a copy of his current IEP, after spring break is over. The one thing that really stuck out in my mind that there is a reason Canyon does what he does, he may not be able to verbalize it to us. Like not using soap, because he is so tactile and everything bothers him, it could be the fact that he cannot stand the feel of soap on him. It really helped having a stranger read the situation and give us some possible suggestions, and know that there is someone else out there to help us with this battle.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Stampotique Challenge #3

Next time I will take a picture and upload it, the scanner just does not do a very good job with the color. Maybe it is time for a new scanner.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


This week is my Spring Break, or I thought it was. I have spent most of the time on the phone learning about the Special Education Process. We had my sons' IEP meeting at school on Tuesday, Doug and I had a list of all the things we wanted to cover because of all the problems my son is having in school. When we left there we were shaking our heads as to what happened. We were kind of steam rolled over. They went over his goals, which I could give a ____ about. I am concerned about his accommodations, which I found out there were not following from his IEP that he brought with him from the junior high. I have been on the phone with the Arizona Center for Disabilities, they gave me a ton of things I can be doing, and gave me the names of a rep. in our area who can help us wade through this mess to get the help my son needs to get through high school successfully. Why does it have to be like this. Why cant teachers who have special needs students in there classes have a little bit of humanism in them to make them feel like the rest. Being a teacher, I certainly don't single out the special needs students, and I give all students reminder about assignments and homework, I don't think to many freshmen in high school are responsible disabilities or not, and could always use some reminders. What is so hard about that, as they years progress the students will mature and hopefully become more responsible. Any way back on track, the next step is to request a meeting with the Director of Special Education, they have 15 days to respond to our request if they do not then we file a complaint with the department of education. Why is having an education for my son so complicated?

Monday, March 01, 2010

Stampotique Challenge # 2

This challenge was very hard, first because I have never made cards before except for the one I did for challenge 1, all my supplies are kept in the Harry Potter room(the room under the stairs.) and anywhere else I can stash stuff. By the time I have everything rounded up it is usually time for dinner or homework or one of another million things that need to be done. Well guess what besides dinner nothing else got done. Laundry still not put away. Tomorrow, and finally this was a hard challenge because of the color scheme. These are very mellow colors for me. I am quite embarrassed to say I have quite a few Stampotique Original stamps, I dug them all out of where they were stashed about the house to see what I would use, and I did not realize I had as many as I did. I guess it is a good thing there store is no longer on my way home from work, having to order on line does slow you down a bit.