Thursday, November 22, 2007



My husband was an absolute angel today, he spent the whole day in the kitchen cooking for my parents. I cannot tell you what a good job he did and all the work and effort he put into our mill. I am so thankful for him doing that today. We had the option of going to my aunts house for dinner, which would have been nice to spend it with more family, and easier on my husband, however my mom did not want to go, so we stayed home and fixed dinner so they could eat with us. I love my mom, but why she could not go to her sisters for a meal is beyond me. I think she has forgotten how much work it is since she had her heart attack, she does not remember much, maybe that is one of the things she has forgotten, How to prepare meals and the time it takes, as she no longer does it.

Canyon promised me all day that he would take a shower before dinner. (that kid has the worse hygiene problem) He will take a shower but not use soap or shampoo, and I have to continually nag him to brush his teeth. I don't know if this is common with 12 year old boys or just mine because he is lazy. Maybe when he is interested in girls more. Because who wants a smelly boyfriend. He never did take the shower, so no video store. I told him there would be consequences for not doing as asked and promised. So of course the vulgar language starts, I got up and walked away. I am becoming a lot stronger where that child is concerned. The counselor tells us to be consistent. He just has a way of wearing us out. I have become pretty good at ignoring him.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

caydens painted nails

caydens painted nails
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My daughter wanted this little guy to be a girl so bad, sometimes she just gets too carried away. He did like the fact that his fingers glowed in the dark. Dad said to get that off of his nails. Sometimes guys just don't understand, they just want to do what the brothers and sisters are doing.