Friday, September 28, 2007

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Cup cake cake pan

This is a cute little cupcake cake pan. My daughter made a cake for my parents who returned for their winter stay here in Phoenix.

Sunday, September 09, 2007


My son was invited to spend the weekend with his friend and his father. He was taking them to Flagstaff to go fishing and spend time in his cabin. I thought that was a wonderful idea and would be a great experience for him. Give him some time away, from t.v., videos and some of his so called friends. After I had him all packed and ready I was putting the Cayden to bed, I heard my husband tell Caitlin that when the dad comes to pick up Canyon be sure to get the license plate number and make of the car, as we would not be home from work yet, when the dad came to pick him up. Now that I heard that comment it had me thinking and wondering the whole night. I had a talk with Canyon before he left to see if the dad had ever done anything in the past that was rather odd. He said no, I asked him if he would tell me if he did, he nodded yes. So the whole weekend I had doubts in my mind. I was made at my husband on the one hand for putting the doubt there, but thankful on the other side, that he was taking precautions. That is what happens when you are married to someone who has worked with criminals his whole life. An it is a sad commentary on society when we have to worry about an innocent trip.
It was nice for the rest of us to get a break from the constant strain that Canyon does place on the household. But here it is Sunday night and he is home, and we are back to his name calling as he is forced to do his homework.