Monday, April 02, 2007

My husband has been gone for 5 days। Under most circumstances I love it when he is away. This time 5 days was a little long and a little hard. With three children the youngest being two, there is never a chance to sit down. There is always something that needs to be done. I have to tell you I really can understand how hard it must be to be a single parent. They certainly have my sympathy. Just when you think you have it all covered, the little one pulls his diaper off, the other one stays in his room and screams that he needs you to help him with something, (because he is certainly incapable of walking down the stairs to come to where you are, why, when he can just yell. And the oldest sits in her room with the door shut unaware to all that is going on around her. Forget about doing art of any kind, there is just no time or energy for it.

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