Monday, May 21, 2007

Major drama

Our chocolate lab got outside the gates today and went on a stroll. We were all at work and school, I just happened to check the answering machine from work to see if there were any messages. There was one on there I hit play and tried real hard to listen, it was really muffled. I could only understand the caller say the last I was your dog she was on 45th street and Windrose. After I had a panic attack, I called my daughters school and had them send her home, she said yes Brannigan was not in the back yard, so she hysterically went looking for her. My husband came home from work four hours early to help her look. I felt really helpless as I sat in my classroom and could not help them. I started getting on the internet to look for resources and found pets911. It is a website that you fill out the information about your animal and submit it. Of course you think the worst when your dog gets out, so I started calling vets in the area to see if a chocolate lab had been brought in. About an hour later my daughter called to say a lady had called and had our dog in her back yard. She saw the post on pets 911, how fast is that, so she and my husband went and got her and brought her home. She was a whole block away. My daughter and husband had been searching far away, and there she was in someone backyard enjoying the shade, as it was only 101 degrees that day. (Painting by Ron Burns)

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