Thursday, January 03, 2008

Another Day

The kids vacation is fast coming to a close, which means I too will be returning to work. It is always nice to be home. I love staying home with the children. We all kind of fall into our own groove and the days seems to fly by. We have managed to make it to the dentist and doctor. Well not my daughter she had to go to urgent care and wait 5 hours for them to see her and tell her what her father and I did, that her wrist was sprang ed and to take aspirin every few hours, but hey we are just parents what do we know, when we could spend fifty dollars to get the same advice from a doctor.
The bathroom is about to be done finally, all Doug has left to do is nail in the baseboards, and I am off today today to find some shelves to put in there.
The computer is up and running again after being at Best Buy with the Geek squad for days trying to deal with all the viruses. So I guess instead of us being sick this vacation ii was the computer that was sick.

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