Saturday, March 29, 2008


Spring Break has come and gone first for me and then for the kids. Canyon had his tonsils and adenoids removed during this time. Major drama for a 12 year old. He seems to be sleeping better and not nearly as much snorting around as he used to. So maybe with better sleep at night he might just be a little happier kid.

So many ideas floating around in my head of things I would like to make, just no time right now. I guess that is why it is important to write these things down. Caitlin brought the book Tuesdays with Maury home as an English reading assignment, I finished that book in a day as it was rather easy reading and very interesting. It kind of makes you rethink how you think things and what you put value on. We are working on getting the rest of Caitlin's paperwork square so she can attend Northern Arizona University this fall. That seems to be her choice, so she can use their exchange program her junior year to go to Oregon State which is where she really want to go, but her first year away from home, I think she should stay somewhat close to see how she likes it. It will be a major change that is really needs.

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Jo Anne O. said...

Hi Kim!

Thank you for waiting to be a part of my In The Pink collaborative book! I need to get your email address so I can contact you with details. Please email me from my profile page on my blog so I can get it from you...thanks!