Monday, February 09, 2009

Screen Printer

I guess there was a reason I could never win a bid on the Gocco printer on e-bay, because this was coming. I just saw this at Joanns this weekend, went home and watched the video on their website, and now I am waiting until Saturday, when I can use my 50% off coupon to purchase it.


Lisa H said...

Kim, this may be the tip of the Century!

Can you post some details???
Who makes it? How much?

There are SO Many people trying to track down a Gocco. I was ready to fly to Japan and buy the patent (almost).

Do tell and THANKS!

Kim said...

I know I may have to go and get this before saturday as I think they are going to be gone before that, the website is They have a video you can watch. Way to cool.
At Joann's it is 299.00 Can't beat that.

Lisa H said...

Thanks Kim!

I found the site that you mentionoed. It's great and super informative.
I bought mine but skipped the coupon after seeing that the machine is exempt. Ah well....I'd love to mention this on my Blog to spread the word, giving you credit for the "find". I didn't see an email link on your Blog or I would have jotted you a personal note!
Thanks again...Lisa
p.s. can't wait to see how you use yours!