Monday, April 27, 2009

Jill Penney

Can I tell you how fun, and education it has been in my classroom these past three weeks, I have had Jill Penney in here working with my students. It started out just as a presentation of her work, how she got started, education etc. From there the students carved stamps from drawings they did, after seeing her stamps that are produced by the kids were very inspired. After she left I received an e-mail from her that the students had been contacting her and would like her to come back and do dolls. Oh my goodness, she brought in some of her dolls, and the kids got to work. It has been a busy busy time her in the class, time has flown by and the kids have learned a great deal. They really have learned a lot from her, she has the patience of a saint, very generous with her time, and she has been very inspirational for the kids, some of my students who I have a hard time getting anything out of have actually been sewing and participating. Seeing her work up close, and being able to actually look at Daniels sketch books and hear the stories behind them, and there are definitely stories to go with each of her dolls, is really a privileged event. She did a wonderful job, and I think she is now considering teaching at Artunraveled next year. Cool Huh?

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randy.dewayne said...

My wife is an art teacher here in Arkansas. She loves stuff like this.