Monday, May 03, 2010


I do not understand what is wrong with people in this town, I cannot listen to the news anymore, every day there is another story of a child in critical condition because they fell in the pool. Don't people watch their children. I keep hearing on the news they were in the water at least 20 minutes, how as a parent can you not know where you child is every second. If you can't watch your child then don't have a pool, better yet don' have children.

When Cayden was born we did not have a fence around our pool,we had a nice yard and I did not want to ruin it with a fence,mobile,not only did I feel a fence with a self closing and locking gate was not enough, we put a self sliding back door in, and I am thinking we need to fence the top so he does not climb over. I know where he is every minute. Parents who let this happen should not be parents. Accidents happen but these are our children and we need to take care of them.

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Carol said...

Amen, Kim. I hear you and I'm in agreement.