Wednesday, July 21, 2010

15 years

It has been fifteen years since Canyon was born, hard to believe but even harder not to forget, we spent two weeks wondering if he would make it and if he would get to come home. It is very hard to have a baby and not be able to take him home. I remember like it was yesterday the nurse saying there was something wrong with baby Schuster, he was not breathing right, and for the next two weeks he stayed in intensive care while they tried to fight the spinal meningitis. Every day we went to the hospital at all hours to sit with him. To this day, I have to thank that nurse who was so well away of her job to notice that something was wrong with my son immediately and do something about it, before it was to late. I remember when he could first be taken out of his little incubator and be held my husband and I fought over who would get to be first, and for two weeks all we could do was look and talk to him. When they sent him home, he came with a plug in his head, so he could have injections three times a day. What a way to start a life. I am sure all the disabilities we see in him now stem from this hard start in life. But when you do not have a choice you do what you need to save a life and worry about the consequences later.

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