Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Jewelry Thief

This is a horrible story, and all I can say is Karma will get this guy. My mother died almost a year ago. My father just returned from Oregon on Sunday where he spends the summers to get out of this god awful heat. He arrived home Sunday night, so Monday he took his car to the car wash to have it cleaned after traveling on the road from Oregon. He had put his wedding ring in a small compartment in the car. that closed. When he got home he checked and sure enough his ring was gone. He went back to the car wash and told them what happened. Dad knew who the guy was, he as the only one cleaning the inside, but he had left for the day. He told them he would be back in the morning, next day he goes back and of course the guy denies it. Tad to the car wash they had a thief and a liar working for them. He told the guy he would pay him for it. Of course he had to continue denying it. Dad called the police and filed a report. He also called Danny's corporate office which happens to be located here in Phoenix as it is a local company, and let them know. Of course the ring is gone, a pawn shop or a gold buyer. Makes me sick. Dad is handling it well. I know he is hurting inside. The car wash is Danny's on Tatum and just south of Shay. Don't think I will be going there, I would not recommend it either. This is the missing ring, on his hand.

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