Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Birthday Pillow

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Using my yudu machine I made this pillow for my skull loving girlfriends birthday. At first I hated that machine and could not get it to work, but let me tell you if you read the directions and do as directed it will work. (DUH)

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Shelly said...

Hi Kim! I wasn't sure if you'd get my reply to your blog comment over on my blog, so I came over here to visit!

You asked if I make my journals and what kind of paper... and the answer is yes, I do. A few of them have Fabriano Artistico watercolor hot press (smooth) 140 lb paper in them, but my favorite ones (including my current doodle journal) just have white cardstock from Staples. It doesn't bleed through easily and seems to work great for me.

P.S. Your skull loving friend might like this artist's shirts and other stuff... (http://www.etsy.com/shop/billythesquidltd?ref=si_shop). He lives in my tiny little hometown in Kansas.