Thursday, June 01, 2006

New project for Inspire Me Thursday

This is the first week of school being out for all of us, and so far things are going pretty well, knock on wood. Canyon has been spending every afternoon at the swimming pool across the street, where he sees kids from school. I hope this can last awhile, as he is not one to try new things. I am trying to get him to take golf lessons, but he is refusing. A child with his disabilities it is hard to get him to do much. I on the other hand am all over the place, I have a milliom things I want to make. This is the first project I have completed so far. I was cleaning out drawers and found all this stuff I have collected and never used, so I decided I had to make something from it all, not buying anything to complete the project, and this is what resulted. I have to say this is one piece I am happy with. Usually I create something and it ends up in the garbage.

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firstborn said...

how cool!