Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Journal Page

This is a page from a journal that I have been trying to work in at least once a week. I like this page because it is very simple and the colors work well together.

I just returned from one of my sewing lessons for my new embroidery machine. I cannot wait to get busy and start doing jeans. It's not complicated, there are just a lot of things you have to remember, and I think my head is so full of remembering to do mommy things there is not alot of room left for other things.

We are in the first month of summer, and I do not think my middle son Canyon is going to make it, he is already wanting to go back to school, summers are a hard time for kids with ADHD as they need structure every minute of their day. We are going to look into golf lessons, I have tried every other sport over the course of the years, and he absolutely refuses to do them. I hope as he gets older he will reconsider, as I feel sports are very important to kids. My older daughter plays softball and is one her way to Payson today for a softball tournament for the weekend.

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