Friday, July 27, 2007

time journal page

time journal page
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I cannot believe that school starts here on Tuesday. This short summer just flew by. I am not ready to go back to work, though I never am. It seems I just get settled into a routine, and it is time to upset it again. There are still so many projects yet to be finished. The downstairs bathroom is still gutted and needs to be repainted, and a sink and faucet found that I like purchased. The baseboard in my sons room need to be sanded and painted and put back in as the carpet has been removed and the tile laid. It looks so much nicer in there, and feels so much cleaner, better for his alergies.
The baseboards in the bathroom need to be repainted and put back in as the floor in there was replaced with tile, as it was all coming up because children in this house seem to feel a puddle of water on the floor after a shower is natural.

The bug man has been here to spray for termites. so now we can have the hardwood floor replaced that they ate up. It seems to be the summer for floors. And I wonder why I have no time to do art.

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