Sunday, August 24, 2008

Turmoil Means Change

If that is what they say that turmoil creates change, not sure who the they is, then this household is about to experince many changes. We just had our first one and in my case a very major one. Caitlin left for NAU on Friday. Doug drove her up on Friday, moved her in and set up all her electronics. The boys and and droe up after we all got home from school. By the time we got there she was goin to the NAU ASU soccer game, so I did not see her until the next day. (Glad that she is socializing) We went to the bookstore picked up her books, brought her breakfast, walked the campus a little, which is a pepsi only campus, going to be a problem for mom who is a coke only person. Just have to bring my own. Then Doug took the boys and came home. I never saw Canyon cry so hard, as mean as he has been to his sister, her admitted that he would miss her, as she has always watched his back. Cayden was not sure exactlly what was going on, he just did not understand that sissy was not coming home. After they left her and I went out to the Mall. I bought her a new pair of Havianna flip flops as the old navy ones she was wearing just are not as nice as these. Then we went to Old Navy where they were having an an awesome sale. All jeans were 12.00. One day only so I bought five pairs as I want to make some skirts out of them. ( will post pictures of those some day) Caitlin picked out some shirts shorts and sports bras. Then we went to Micaels and picked up some cork board for her wall and some tape as her walls in her dorm room are cement. Then it was time for the inevitable, for me to leave her and come home. I cried all the way home, a 2 hour drive. This is a very hard transition for me. Her and I have such an amazing friendship, I know it will only grow, but in the meantime she is not down the hall, and she is not at the table, and she is not bringing her funny humor into this family on a daily basis which is so what we need and what I miss. At the grocery store last night, there were so many things I did not put in the cart, that I usually buy for her, energy bars, power drinks etc. Rather sad.

The pictures above are the house I made in Lisa Kaus's class. What a very nice and giving person she is, and that is the laptop cover and memory stick holder I made for Caitlin to take with her.

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